Is Days Gone Coming to Xbox Series S/X?

I just finished an absolutely insane gaming session of Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic action-adventure game. 35 hours well spent – this game is phenomenal. The graphics, the storyline, the gameplay – everything is amazing.

It has an impressive 9/10 rating on Steam and over 50k very positive reviews, so it’s fair to say that not only I but also many other gamers have fallen in love with this game.

In 2019 Days Gone made its debut on PlayStation 4 and since 2021 PC gamers have been able to get in on the action too.

But what about Xbox?

A lot of people are asking “Is Days Gone on Xbox?” Unfortunately, right now the answer is no!

But is there a way to get it on Xbox, or will it ever land there?

Let’s find out!

Can You Play Days Gone on Xbox?

There is indeed a way to play Days Gone on Xbox. Yes, you read that right!

Although it might sound strange and different from what you might expect, this method was recently shared by The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren himself.

He tweeted about successfully running Days Gone on his own personal Xbox Series X.

This became possible thanks to the new Edge browser which allowed him to stream the game via Steam. However as you can see in the video provided below it didn’t run smoothly at all (it could be because of the browser or network), but at least we know now that such a scenario is possible.

We expect to see more similar solutions like this in the future which will allow gamers from different platforms to play together breaking down once impossible barriers between them.

Until the official release (if ever) – this streaming workaround should definitely serve as an interesting option for those who want to try out this title on their Xbox consoles.

Will Days Gone Ever Be Available on Xbox?

Unfortunately, It’s unlikely that Days Gone will make an appearance on the Xbox platform. As most gamers may know, this game was developed by Sony Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment which makes it one of their exclusives.

We are aware that console makers use game exclusivity as a way to attract customers. There is tough competition on the market and having exclusive titles has become an integral part of it.

This combined with the lack of any official statements regarding the Xbox release from either Sony or Bend Studio does not give us much hope for seeing Days Gone on Microsoft’s platform anytime soon.

However, everything is possible in the gaming industry so we “never say never.” But until then people who want to play Days Gone on Xbox will have to rely on a streaming workaround or PC version if they have access to one.

We hope that our article helped answer all your questions about Days Gone on Xbox. Streaming workaround might not be what you were hoping for but at least it’s something and who knows what the future holds!

For those seeking the thrill of survival in a post-apocalyptic world similar to Days Gone, check our blog on Best Games Like Days Gone.

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