Days Gone 2 Petition Breaks the 200k Barrier: What’s Next?

We’ve got some big news to share. The fan campaign for a sequel to our beloved game, Days Gone, has reached feverish heights.

Do you remember the petition that was started back in April 2021?

Well, it just broke through the 200,000 signatures barrier! This is a huge milestone, and to make things even better, the target has been raised to an even more ambitious 300,000.

I’ve honestly never seen so much demand for a game sequel before. It really speaks volumes about how much we loved the first game and how much potential there is for another one.

But now that there’s such a large number of people backing it up, what’s going to happen?

Will Sony and Bend Studios take notice?

The Petition Progress

A lot has happened since “Get Sony PlayStation to Approve Days Gone 2” went live online — and all thanks to you, our passionate community!

days gone petition

Even though the game came out five years ago already, your dedication has not wavered one bit.

In fact, it’s stronger than ever! As I write this article now, the petition boasts a staggering 214936 supporters…

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that – nearly a quarter of a million supporters rallying for the sequel of Days Gone.

And not only that — we’re seeing an average flow of almost a thousand new signatories-per-day coming in.

But we can’t stop here. We still have 300k in sight of which we will push beyond as far as our collective passion takes us.

If you are yet to sign it then do so now!

Add your voice to the call for Days Gone 2. And don’t forget to spread the word.

Share the petition with your friends, family, and every Days Gone fan you know.

Let’s keep this momentum alive and ensure that our appeals for a sequel reverberate through the halls of Sony PlayStation.

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The Director’s Tweet

John Garvin, the director of the Days Gone game brought some excitement into the gaming community with one tweet.

On Dec 5th, 2023, he retweeted a post by PlayStation Forever (a small but dedicated fan account with about 1500 followers) which shared a screenshot of an article titled “Days Gone is a technological marvel that deserves a PS5 sequel, fans agree”.

His response was simple,

Hey yeah… why isn’t there a sequel?

Needless to say, this one tweet set the fans on fire.

Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘Well, it’s just a tweet and from an account that’s not even that big’. But, to me, this is more than that. This is proof that we are being acknowledged.

Our constant discussion about wanting DG2 is reaching the right people. They’re seeing our tweets, posts, petitions — all our love for this game.

So while this tweet isn’t an official green light for Days Gone 2, it’s definitely something.

And it’s all thanks to your relentless support and passion! They are watching, they are listening; let us hope they are planning too.

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What Can We Do Next?

We’ve hit 200k, now what? Our main goal is still a sequel for Days Gone, there are other things we can do.

Here are some ideas:

  • Create fan art and share it on social media – Get creative and let Sony know how much you appreciate Days Gone by making fan art. Share it on social media using #DaysGone2 and tag Bend Studio & Sony PlayStation.
  • Write a review or share your experience – If you haven’t already, write a review for Days Gone on different platforms such as Steam, Metacritic, or Amazon. You could alternatively share your story with the game on socials while tagging the developers and publishers.
  • Get involved in community events – Keep an eye out for any Days Gone related events/ initiatives that may take place. Take part in these to showcase your support for the game.
  • Engage with fellow fans – Join online discussions, forums or social media groups centered around Days Gone. Share theories, thoughts & love for the game with others!
  • Keep the momentum going – Continue spreading awareness about this petition but also don’t forget to encourage others to sign too! Let us not lose momentum until we reach at least 300k signatures if not more!!

Together, we can make a difference and show Sony that there is a dedicated fanbase eager for a sequel to Days Gone.

Let’s continue to make our voices heard and keep the hope alive. Until then, let’s continue to ride through the post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone and create amazing memories. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s join forces and make our dream of Days Gone 2 a reality!

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