8 Best Post-Apocalypse Games Like Days Gone (2024)

Since I first played Days Gone, it has had me completely enthralled. I mean didn’t it just feel like a masterpiece?

If you’re as mad on Days Gone as I am and are looking for games to fill the hole left by this epic story then look no further.

There are loads of lists out there but let’s be honest most of them include games that don’t even come close to being like Days Gone. That’s not what you’ll find here.

We’ve narrowed it down to games that truly capture the essence of Days Gone. The list might be shorter but trust me it’s all killer, no filler!

Just so you know we won’t be going into deep reviews about these games, there are plenty of reviews out there for you to explore.

These are simply some of the top post-apocalyptic games that will leave you with a similar feeling to Days Gone.

So without further ado let’s jump right in.

Last of Us Part 1 & 2

Let’s start with the obvious choice – The Last of Us. Developed by Naughty Dog, this series is widely considered one of the greatest post-apocalyptic games ever made.

If you’ve played Days Gone chances are you’re familiar with The Last of us too. Both games share similar themes such as survival, intense combat, infested creatures, and an emotional storyline.

In Days Gone we play as Deacon St. John a rough n’ tough biker trying to survive in a world overrun by Freakers (zombies) his main goal is finding his wife Sarah whom he believes is still alive.

In The Last Of Us we play as Joel, a smuggler who has been tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie across the country in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a deadly fungus that turns people into zombie-like creatures.

The Last of us part 2 continues the story five years later, both Joel and Ellie have to deal with what they did in the first game.

Gameplay-wise it’s similar to Days Gone; stealth and action mixed together, although The Last Of Us focuses more on stealth. Both games also have crafting mechanics and intense combat sequences.

Days Gone offers more open-world gameplay whereas The Last of Us is more linear in its storytelling. But either way, you’ll be emotionally invested in their characters and story sitting at the edge of your seat.

Mad Max

Next up we’ve got an underrated gem – Mad Max. This open-world post-apocalyptic game was developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It’s a crazy ride through a dystopian wasteland where survival is key.

In this game, you play as the man himself – Mad Max, a hard-edged warrior who has lost everything, his family, his home, and even his car which was his most prized possession.

The story revolves around Max trying to build the ultimate war machine “Magnum Opus” while seeking revenge on a gang of marauders who left him for dead.

Just like in Days Gone you tramp through the Oregon woods on Deacon’s Drifter Bike, in Mad Max it’s all about the Magnum Opus. Your car is not merely a means of getting from A to B; it is also your weapon and shield. It might be your best friend too – an essential companion for survival in this post-apocalyptic world.

And while there are many dangerous factions vying for control over what little remains of civilization here, none are quite so terrifying as The Rippers. These guys make freakers look tame by comparison – brutal, ruthless, and always ready to take you down.

There’s something else that both games have in common: resource management.

You’ll need scrap to upgrade your Magnum Opus or Max’s gear in Mad Max.

In other words, this game is immersive!

Honestly, even when everything seems a mess, it all feels right in a weird way… I can’t explain it, but playing these two games turned me into a bit of a thrill-seeker who actually enjoys the adrenaline rush of fear!

Resident Evil 2 & 3 (Remake)

For those looking for their fix of terror without having to deal with open-world tedium then Resident Evil 2 & 3 (Remake) have got ya covered. Developed by Capcom between 2019-2020 these remakes reimagine classics from yesteryear giving them new lease life alongside modern graphics technology yet still retaining that old-school vibe we’ve come to love over the years.

But let me stop myself right there because whilst yes both games share certain similarities such as limited resources + tense combat situations = constant threat from infected creatures scenario… they also differ greatly when considering overall atmosphere which could be best described as follows: “Days Gone” – I’m scared shitless on my own so please hold me tight; “Resident Evil ” – I’m scared shitless around others but I still want to keep them close.

For example though if freaker infestation had you on tenterhooks then just wait until see what those bio-organic weapons (B.O.W.’s) can do in Resident Evil series… oh boy talk about having your heart race like never before!

Whether it’s playing through entire campaign mode trying desperately not to get eaten alive or simply jumping straight into multiplayer action where cooperation is key to surviving against hordes of hungry undead – trust me when say this game will leave an indelible mark upon soul one-way shape form or another!

World War Z

Let us not forget World War Z – another fine addition to Sabre Interactive’s library. This title takes inspiration from both the 2006 World War Z Novel by Max Brooks and the 2013 film adaptation starring Brad Pitt thus giving players a truly global experience unlike anything seen before within genre.

In World War Z you are presented with a globe teeming with the infected. The game features four-player cooperative play, each with unique storylines and missions across different locations around the world which adds a layer of cooperation not found in single-player Days Gone.

But it’s the Swarm Engine that is really something special about World War Z. This piece of technical magic reanimates hundreds of zombies at once, creating a feeling of overwhelming fear and haste. These hungry monsters don’t shuffle towards you – they pile on top of each other like grotesque organic ladders to get to you wherever you try and hide.

World War Z also shares resource management and strategy as crucial elements with Days Gone. It’s all about making every bullet count, using traps wisely, knowing when to fight and when to run.

Brute force alone won’t cut it here; you need to stay sharp and work together closely if you want any chance at survival.

World War Z is set in a chillingly believable vision of what would happen if zombies took over the planet. It lacks the narrative depth or open-world exploration found in Days Gone but makes up for this with fast-paced gameplay and some truly amazing hordes of undead.

If Day’s Gone Freakers relentless assault was your thing then wait until you see what happens when these guys go head-to-head against an army that never sleeps!

State of Decay 2

State Of Decay 2 by Undead Labs sees players stepping into survivors’ shoes within post-apocalyptic earth where zombified creatures roam freely; this being said you have no option but to strive for more than mere existence– living itself becomes a challenge enough.

The game shares similar settings with Days Gone such as barren landscapes characterized by intense battles however; additional features incorporated into State Of Decay 2 make the experience much more realistic and personal compared to its counterparts.

In State Of Decay 2, everything does not revolve around an individual – it is just another human trying to live in a world gone mad. Your decisions matter, you have to be keen especially when allocating resources while setting up bases since all these require critical thinking coupled with strategic planning.

Combat remains high risk as seen in Days Gone; nevertheless, where Day’s Gone delivers a story-driven single-player campaign State Of Decay 2 emphasizes a cooperative multiplayer aspect where players work together towards shared goals within randomly generated survivors – each having unique skills and background stories of their own.

The concept of permadeath has also been borrowed making every encounter with enemy forces much more intense than usual because at any given point any survivor could die leaving behind only memories about them but this would not deter others from advancing further through levels thus indicating that there are no safe zones in such desolate environment infested by zombies.

What makes State Of Decay 2 so immersive though? Well for starters, the game boasts beautiful environments that reflect true nature state after the apocalypse has taken place – everything looks destroyed or abandoned which contributes greatly towards the overall atmosphere created throughout gameplay.

Terrifying growls emitted by hordes can be heard from afar whilst leaves rustle underfoot warning players of imminent danger thereby ensuring constant suspense throughout entire session thus never allowing anyone to rest easy even the least bit thus providing the maximum entertainment value possible out such survival genre titles like this one here!

It may not have as much depth story wise neither does it present itself cinematically like some other games do, however when talking about raw gritty survival experiences there isn’t much else on offer within the same league as State Of Decay 2.


DayZ may be the best game for those who want to feel the desperate survival in a world full of zombies that are hard to deal with.

DayZ is a creation by Bohemia Interactive. It is an open-world game that has one goal: stay alive.

Chernarus covers 225 sq km which becomes your sandbox and battleground; it’s all around filled with imminent danger at every corner, giving you similar feelings of fear as Farewell Wilderness in Days Gone would induce.

These landscapes have an ominous beauty about them but they also carry an underlying tension which will constantly keep you on edge reminding of Walking Dead always lurking somewhere close by.

From the time this place drops you off without anything but what clothes are on your back, DayZ offers genuine survival where searching for resources and crafting items take center stage.

DayZ does not hold your hand. The struggle for life can often be savage and unrelenting – one wrong move or second too long could mean death.

It fosters such fragility in players’ minds that each little success seems like a huge achievement won through blood, sweat, and tears.

However, while Days Gone gives some story threads to follow along with its narrative structure; DayZ throws people into purely unscripted player-driven events instead.

No set storyline might feel overwhelming at first but freedom here allows the most compelling stories told by gamers themselves which make this title truly stand out among other survival games on the market today.

DayZ lacks the cinematic storytelling prowess or character development seen in Days Gone yet compensates for this aspect with intense mechanics revolving around staying alive while playing. It presents challenges few games dare even think about so any fan horror-survival genre should give it a shot if they have time.

Dying Light 2

Survival horror fans are eagerly waiting for Dying Light 2 – Techland’s sequel to their 2015 hit. This game takes everything great from its predecessor (parkour-infused zombie apocalypse) and amps up on it with more action-packed moments that will leave you breathless.

You find yourself in The City; an enormous metropolis devastated by infection and shrouded in darkness. Unlike Days Gone’s Farewell Wilderness, this is a playground of rot where up is the only way out – the sheer height should make anyone afraid.

Dying Light 2 builds upon survival concepts loved by players in the first game including the dynamic day-night cycle. During daytime hours rival factions fight over control but when the sun goes down all bets are off as hordes become infected turning streets into nightmarescape which forces constant adaptation just to stay alive – similar to Days Gone where one must always be ready for anything that could happen next moment round each corner.

Parkour mechanics used here are second to none when it comes to fluidity between combat movements allowing seamless transition between running rooftops scaling walls or even plunging through crowds living dead without fear heart stopping at any point also weapon durability being introduced makes sense given how gritty melee fighting was made feel like such reality where every swing meant something more than hurt inflicted upon enemy alone.

But what sets Dying Light 2 apart from most games is player choice-making.

Every decision counts shaping the world around them affecting relationships among characters alliances formed between different groups even physical structure within city itself thereby creating an engaging storytelling experience never seen before thus making every playthrough a unique personal connection established between player + environment presented here would last eternity if possible instead

Though it may lack the story-driven nature of Days Gone or the harsh survival elements in DayZ, Dying Light 2 is a different creature within its genre; plus, it’s still very much a survival horror game at heart. Despite its flaws and roughness around the edges, Dying Light 2 presents a rotting world that is just as electrifying to discover as it is terrifying – an accomplishment indeed when it comes to video game design.

No One Survived

Source: Steam

Last but not least on our list is No One Survived, an under-the-radar gem that offers a unique take on survival horror. Players take control of a plane crash survivor stranded deep within the Amazon rainforest in this game developed by Creepy Jar.

The setting alone already distinguishes this title from other zombie survival games out there, but what really sets No One Survived apart is its commitment to realism.

Hunger, thirst and sickness are all taken into account by the game which means surviving becomes a constant battle.

In terms of gameplay, the environment plays a big role too with players having to navigate through dense jungles, treacherous terrains and unpredictable weather conditions while avoiding predators such as jaguars or anaconda’s zombies.

You won’t have loads of weapons like you do in Days Gone with No One Survived either, instead players are forced to rely solely on their wits along with whatever limited resources they can scrounge up from around them in this rainforest setting. Crafting will be important for both shelter and tools so deciding what’s most necessary for your immediate needs could become strategic.

Realism doesn’t stop at just mechanics though; it also touches upon psychological effects when being stranded within hostile surroundings – as if trying desperately hard not dying weren’t difficult enough already! So not only must we fight tooth-and-nail against everything nature throws at us here but also ourselves should we wish see another sunrise tomorrow.

No One Survived might not boast the same polish or production value as Days Gone and other AAA games, but its unique setting coupled with realism sets it apart in this genre. If you’re after something challenging that sucks you into an immersive world for hours on end then give No One Survived a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Final Thoughts

All of these games like Days Gone fall under the category of zombie survival games however each one offers something different which sets them apart from each other.

The post-apocalyptic setting is a common theme in these games, such as the emotionally charged narrative found within The Last of Us or even Mad Max’s vehicular combat system; there are plenty of worlds left to explore after everything has ended. They all provide their own take on what can happen during this time period with some giving more action while others offer deep storylines mixed alongside fear inducing moments where adrenaline rushes through players’ veins creating unforgettable memories.

So no matter if someone loves intense action-packed sequences filled with explosions everywhere around themselves or prefers slow methodical thinking required when attempting to survive against odds stacked heavily against us then all gamers have something waiting just for them on this list.

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