10 Best Weapons in Days Gone [Ultimate Guide]

In Days Gone, it’s not survival of the fittest — it’s survival of the smartest. With a varied swarm of enemies ranging from seemingly stupid Freakers and Rippers to the tough Breaker who won’t fall after a couple of bullets or fast and furious Reacher, staying alive is no easy task.

Even the bears in the wild know how to make you pay. Your life depends on your arsenal, but not all weapons are equal.

In this Ultimate Guide, we will focus on the best of the best guns that tip the scales in your favor.

I’ll also be letting you in on my personal weapon combinations for different scenarios, helping you become the ultimate survivor in Days Gone‘s harsh world.

So without further ado let’s get started!

Best Guns in Days Gone

There are three main categories of guns available in Days Gone: primary, secondary (sidearm), and special.

Primary weapons consist of your usual assault rifles, SMGs, and shotguns. Secondaries are typically handguns. While special weapons include sniper rifles and machine guns.

Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, here are our top picks for each category:

Primary Weapons

Chicago Chopper (Best Overall)

Chicago Chopper

The Chicago Chopper is a submachine gun that falls under the tier-4 category. I don’t particularly like Its old-school looks or sounds when firing — but it excels in almost every other aspect. This gun is 100% worth having because it literally holds 275 rounds with a 55-round drum capacity on its magazine (upgradeable to 80 rounds).

This thing fires so freaking fast that it has saved my life more times than I can count when everything was going wrong around me.

Don’t let appearances fool you or discourage you from using it – this baby performs!

You can buy Chicago Chopper from Wizard Island Camp for 3000 credits.

US556 (My Personal Favorite)

If you prefer more modern-looking guns like me, then the US556 assault rifle is a good alternative to the Chicago Chopper. Classified as a tier-3 weapon, US556 has better accuracy and range than its counterpart but falls behind in terms of damage per shot (DPS).

It falls short with its 30-round box magazine, although it can be upgraded to a 50-round extended box magazine.

Total ammo capacity is lower though — only 180 rounds.

You can buy US556 from Hot Springs Camp for 3750 credits.

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Rock Chuck (Best Stealth Option)

Rock Chuck is classified as an Assault Rifle tier-5 Special Forces. It might not be the strongest gun but this thing is perfect for stealthy takedowns because it comes with a built-in silencer!

There’s nothing quite like downing enemies without making any noise at all – especially when there’s a horde nearby and you’re trying to be as quiet as possible. That alone should tell you just how valuable Rock Chuck can be if used correctly.

And since it only has 35 rounds in the mag, every bullet counts during firefights so make sure to aim carefully.

However, this weapon isn’t available right away; you’ll have to earn it by completing the Marauder Camp Hunter storyline 100%.

Those who have a preference for strategic, low-profile combat styles will find this weapon of stealth and silence to be worth their while.

Sidearms / Secondary Weapons

Sidearms may not be your go-to guns, but they can definitely get you out of a tight spot. Especially on bike rides when the only thing that fits in a holster is a sidearm.

Here are my top picks:

Eliminator (Balanced Option)

Eliminator, days gone, pistol

Personally, I love the Eliminator! It is classified as Pistol tier-4 and looks very similar to the Desert Eagle. While it does have high damage it also has heavy recoil, making it somewhat of a beast to handle — but only in the right hands. Plus, the sound of the Eliminator’s shot is immensely satisfying.

The magazine capacity starts at 9 rounds. However, this can be upgraded to 12 rounds which provides an acceptable ammo reserve for intense firefights.

Though it may have a strong recoil, the Eliminator compensates with substantial damage to earn its place within your arsenal.

You can buy the Eliminator from Wizard Island Camp for 2000 credits.

Really good all-rounder — decent capacity, good damage, and performance overall make it suitable for most scenarios.

Lil’ Stubby (Do The Most Damage)

Lil' Stubby, shotgun, sidearm, days gone

Don’t let the name fool you: Lil’ Stubby is not so little when it comes to causing damage. This sidearm shotgun fits in a hip holster and packs one helluva punch. It’s perfect if you need to chase down and hit bikers on missions where pistols just don’t cut it damage-wise.

It starts with 6 rounds but can be increased to 8, making it great for high-action situations.

Lil’ Stubby comes in three conditions: junk (Hot Springs), average (Iron Mike’s Camp), and pristine condition — which does the most damage — (Wizard Island Camp).

Given its insane damage potential coupled with being bike-friendly, Lil’ Stubby should be considered by all players who want to bring some serious impact in Days Gone.

SMP9 (Fastest Fire Rate)


The SMP9 is an automatic SMG sidearm that stands out from other weapons because of its ridiculously high fire rate. If you’re a ‘run and gun’ player who likes to meet challenges head on then this could be just what your secondary arsenal needs!

Personally, I prefer pistols or shotguns but as always in gaming — it’s about personal preference. The best use-case scenario for this sidearm is when your primary weapon has a low fire rate.

SMP9 comes in three conditions: junk condition at Hot Springs camp, average condition at Iron Mike’s camp, or mil-spec condition (after completing 10% of Horde Killer storyline — requires elimination of 4 hordes).

Initially, its magazine capacity is 30 rounds but can be upgraded to 45 after killing off at least 14 hordes (35% completion Horde Killer storyline).

Special Weapons

.50 BFG (The Ultimate Powerhouse)

.50 BFG Sniper Days Gone

Without a doubt, the .50 BFG is one of my favorite weapons ever. And there is a good reason for that. This special forces tier-5 weapon is the definition of power and precision; it can take down a breaker with just one headshot!

When you have to deal with formidable enemies like breakers, bears or reachers, it’s where the .50 BFG shows its worth.

With any other gun, you would usually waste tons of ammo during such encounters. But with this bad boy – it’s a one-shot, one-kill scenario.

breaker killed by sniper

The basic magazine size of the .50 BFG provides 10 rounds in one clip. This can be upgraded to 12 rounds. The weapon’s design also ensures rapid fire and minimum recoil so it becomes very handy while dealing with multiple opponents at once.

You can buy the .50 BFG from Wizard Island Camp for 3000 credits.

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RPD (Deadliest Horde Killer)

RPD Machine Gun

RPD is a machine gun made in Russia that can be used when dealing with hordes or large groups of freakers in game’s most intense moments.

Though the .50 BFG is effective against tough enemies such as breakers or bears, but it does not come close to what the RPD can do for crowd control situations.

This beast comes packed with serious firepower which makes it perfect for horde encounters. It has an impressive magazine capacity of 65 rounds that can be upgraded even more – up to staggering 105 rounds! Such additional ammo capacity might be crucial during difficult horde confrontations.

Available at Wizard Island Camp for a cost of 1500 credits, the RPD is a valuable asset for any player prioritizing crowd control capabilities.

MG55 (Ultimate Machine Gun)

MG55 is without any doubt the best machine gun in “Days Gone” which belongs to special forces tier-5.

Do not confuse it with MG45 available at Hot Springs Camp.

This tactical military-grade weapon is a true powerhouse when it comes to firepower and efficiency, especially in hordes situations.

However, unlocking it requires quite an effort as you can get MG55 only after 60% completion of the Horde Killer storyline which means getting rid of 24 hordes.

Initially, the magazine capacity of this gun is 75 rounds but once you reach 85% completion of the Horde Killer storyline by eliminating 34 hordes it can be upgraded up to staggering 115 rounds!

Thanks to unrivaled firepower and large ammo capacity, MG55 becomes a superior choice for those who want to dominate high-action scenarios.

Which is The Best Melee Weapon in Days Gone?

Superior Metal Axe

Superior Metal Axe is definitely the king of melee weapons in Days Gone. What makes it so good? Its damage output is equal to 9.9 points and its durability – is 10 points.

Unfortunately, you can’t craft Superior Metal Axe – it’s a Pickup-only item that adds rarity and exclusivity. You can find this amazing tool in the picturesque Crater Lake region.

To be more precise, on the porch of Crater Lake Visitor Center. This melee weapon combines high damage with great durability which makes it a must-have during close combat situations in the game world.

How to Store Guns in Days Gone?

gun locker days gone

In Days Gone, storing your firearms is an automatic process. Every time you buy or earn a gun, it will be immediately stored in your locker. This ensures that all your purchased and earned guns are safely kept, and ready for retrieval when you need them.

When it comes to weapons you’ve picked up from enemies, it’s a different story. You cannot store these weapons unless you’ve officially acquired them (through buying or earning). If you happen to pick up a weapon during combat or exploration, that weapon stays with you until you choose to switch it with another one.

Please note that melee weapons cannot be stored in your locker.

My Arsenal of Weapons

Days Gone, Deacon St. John

By now, after reading through this extensive list of the best weapons in days gone, I’m sure you can guess what my favorite kind of arsenal looks like. However, just so we’re clear I’ll keep it simple and say that my favorite kinds are those that can be adaptable across different situations – versatile!

Out of all primary weapons, the Chicago Chopper is the one I love most for many reasons. It’s a well-rounded option with huge ammo capacity and great damage output. Although not the most accurate gun out there, it still serves well in terms of precision.

As for sidearms, I prefer anything balanced such as Eliminator which reminds me a lot about Desert Eagle – high damages dealt, good precision maintained plus decent firing rate fitting my play style perfectly.

My choice of special weapons fluctuates between the .50 BFG and the RPD, depending on the situation at hand. The .50 BFG is my go-to for most scenarios due to its unrivaled power. However, when faced with hordes, I switch to the RPD, which has proven to be quite effective.

For melee combat nothing beats Superior Metal Axe! Its unbeatable combination of high damage and durability makes it an indispensable tool in close combat scenarios.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide on the best weapons in Days Gone has been helpful to you.

Please note that the best guns for you may vary depending on your playstyle and preferences — these are my top picks based on how well they perform across different situations throughout the game.

Use these guns wisely and good luck surviving in the brutal world of Days Gone.

Don’t hesitate to try different weapons and find what works best for you.

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