Can Headphones Dent Your HEAD? Here’s The Answer…

If you’re the kind of person who spends long hours wearing headphones, you might be asking yourself, “Can you really get a dent on your head from wearing headphones?”.

As someone who uses headphones quite frequently, this question had me scratching my (luckily still round) head.

I’ve seen multiple posts on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms where people express their worries, thoughts, and even jokes about this strange concept.

I mean, who can resist chuckling at the post by u/mannishman11 about Walter White’s ‘head dent’?

walter white dent in head reddit post

But before we allow these rumors to throw us into a headphone-fuelled panic attack, let’s take a step back.

I decided to do some digging into it myself to see just how much truth there is behind all of this.

So hang tight and keep those headphones on – let’s get to the bottom of it!

Where Did It All Start?

Rumors spread like wildfire in the age of the internet. One such rumor that has been doing the rounds is about getting a ‘dent’ in your head from wearing headphones.

But where did this rumor come from?

The first one to report a dent in their head was Curtoss, a Twitch streamer who noticed this strange indent while shaving his hair during a live stream.

This unexpected surprise sent shockwaves throughout the online community and soon enough rumors were flying faster than fiber-optic internet.

Media outlets like PopTingz & Dexerto fuelled these rumors as they reported more cases among other streamers.

Well-known figures within the streaming community such as League of Legends streamers Tyler1 and Mizkif also claimed they had been afflicted with the same mysterious cranial recess.

The images showing these dents after removing headphones certainly raised some eyebrows.

But are these dents permanent or just temporary marks?

Well, according to NCBI, it would take at least 135 kg of force to cause a minor skull fracture.

So these ‘headphone dents’ are likely just temporary indentations caused by the headphones pressing into the skin too much.

However, with these streamers, there may be something else entirely, more on that later in this article.

Just remember not everything you see on the internet is as it seems!

Can Headphones Dent Your Head?

Now onto the big question – can headphones really dent your head?

The short answer is no!

twitch streamer head dent

You’ll be glad to know that while headphones can make a temporary indent on your skull due to pressure, they won’t actually dent it.

What some people take for a ‘dent’ is literally just a temporary flat spot in their hair and outer skin where their headphones were pressing.

So, rest easy – your headphones won’t change the shape of your head or skull.

This is very similar to when you have slept on an arm and get that pattern on your skin from clothes.

It’s not permanent and it definitely isn’t a dent in your skull!

However, there are conditions unrelated to headphone use that can cause irregularities or “dents” in your skull. These typically arise from diseases requiring urgent medical intervention.

I’m not a medical expert, but I researched Healthline and found that several diseases can cause an irregularity in the skull’s bone structure.

These include:

Congenital skull indentation

When a baby has a little dent in their skull either from the way they were positioned in the womb or during childbirth itself. If the bones in a baby’s skull fuse together too early, it can make their head look kind of dented or misshapen – that’s called craniosynostosis.


Car accidents, falls, really hard hits to the head – these can all result in what’s called a depressed fracture in the skull. Basically what happens is part of your skull gets crushed inward towards your brain.

It’s a serious injury that needs immediate medical attention.

Gorham’s Disease

A rare condition where different types of tissue replace your bone mass; sometimes it causes bone loss in your skull and you can see a dent there.

Paget’s Disease

This condition messes with your body’s natural bone renewal process: instead of replacing old bone with new and healthy tissue, it causes an excessive growth of bone in your skull which gives you headaches among other symptoms and may even make your cranium appear uneven or dented.


Did you know that there have been some rare cases where doctors discovered cancer in a person due to skull depressions?

Yep, it’s true!

Certain “bone-destructive” cancers like multiple myeloma can actually cause these depressions and irregularities in the skull.

These are rare cases; if you notice any irregularities in your skull, it’s important to seek medical advice.

But as far as headphones go, you’re safe!

Why do Twitch Streamers End-up with Headphone Dents?

So if headphones can’t really dent your head, why do so many Twitch streamers seem to have these dents?

Well for one thing there might be more than one reason why those streamers we talked about earlier seem to have dents on their heads.

It’s quite possible they had indents in their skulls due to one or several conditions mentioned earlier, or it could be a mix of pre-existing and temporary indentations caused by wearing headphones too tightly or for too long.

But either way, just keep in mind that these people are still human beings like everybody else – we can’t confirm what exactly caused those dents but we know for sure that wearing any kind of headset won’t give anyone anything like this.

What to do if Your Headphones Are Uncomfortable or Too Tight?

The last thing anyone wants is a headache from their headphones. Choosing a pair with soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband is a smart move. This way, your ears won’t suffer during those long listening sessions.

If they’re too tight or uncomfortable here’s what you can do:

Adjust the Headband

asian girl adjusting her headphones

If you feel pressure on the top of your head, try adjusting how tight they fit. A lot of headphones have a headband that can be changed to fit around your head more easily. This means you will not feel too much pressure or pain from it.

You can also try wearing them on the back of your head. This will take away some of that pressure and make them more comfortable.

Wear a Cap/Beanie Under your Headphones

boy wearing cap under headphones

This actually worked pretty well for me!

So I had this cheap $20 pair of headphones that were causing me discomfort.

But guess what I did?

I started wearing a cap under my headphones for that extra cushioning. And let me tell you, it made all the difference during my Days Gone intense gaming sessions!

But this only works during the colder months. If you’re living in a warmer climate, wearing a thick beanie might not be possible.

Stretch Them Out

streched headphones

If your headphones are too tight, you can try stretching them out a bit. This will loosen up the headband and make it more comfortable for you.

Just grab onto each side of the headphones with both hands, then pull them apart firmly but gently. Hold this position for several seconds before letting go. Repeat this process a few times to stretch out the headband even further.

Be careful though because if you stretch your headphones too much they might damage or break.

Add More Cushioning/Padding to the Headband

Adding more cushioning to the headband can help provide extra comfort while you’re wearing them. You can buy special foam padding or use something like a folded handkerchief to add more cushioning.

Of course, this will look funny, but it’s better than having a sore head after using your headphones for too long!

Replace Hard Ear Pads with Softer Ones

Another way to make over-ear headphones comfortable is by replacing its hard ear pads with softer ones.

You can purchase replacement ear pads online or use memory foam pillows as an alternative source of cushioning and comfort.

This will reduce any pain caused by extended periods of use.

How to Fix Head Dent from Headphones?

If you already have headphone dents on your head, please note that they are temporary and will disappear by themselves.

However, if the dent is making you uncomfortable or you want it to go away faster, here are some things you can try:

Shampoo Your Hair

Surprisingly enough, washing your hair can help with a headphone dent. Shampooing resets its natural pattern and removes the dent caused by headphones.

What you need to do is thoroughly massage both your scalp and hair while washing them.

This allows shampoo to penetrate every nook and cranny thus breaking down whatever structure holds hair in shape of the dent.

After shampooing make sure that all traces of shampoo are rinsed out from your hair then allow it dry naturally.

As your hair dries, it will return to its normal shape, thus eliminating the headphone dent.

Massage the Area

For a couple of minutes daily, try using your fingers and apply light pressure as you move them in circular movements on the spot.

By doing this, you trigger circulation which compels the skin to reform and adjust back to its original state.

Another way is by warming a compress and placing it on where you want to massage before starting with the process so that it becomes effective.

Then again, remember that persistence pays; hence don’t expect miracles after just one session – keep massaging until something gives!

It is worth mentioning that do not use any headphones until these impressions fade off completely.


Remember – patience counts. Indeed, sometimes all we need is time for everything to fall into place naturally.

Since both our hair plus skin have an inherent flexibility, they will always revert back eventually.

So passively refrain from frequent use over some period allowing your head’s epidermis to heal itself.

Like other health or beauty conditions occasionally waiting out can be best cure ever known for headphone dents too.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is the Headphone Dent Not Going Away?

If you’ve been following the tips above and your headphone dent still hasn’t disappeared, it’s possible that the dent is more severe than expected.

If this is the case, then it may be time to consider visiting a doctor for advice and treatment. They can assess the severity of the issue and provide further guidance on how to manage it.

How Can Headphones Damage Your Ears?

Yes, but only if used excessively or played at very loud volumes. This could cause some harm due to direct contact between the sound source and eardrum thus leading to hearing loss eventually when exposed continuously over extended duration periods without taking breaks as required by specific manufacturer guidelines depending on the type used whether wired ones (canal phones/in-ear monitors) or wireless (Bluetooth headphones).

The problem isn’t the device itself, but rather the duration of listening at high volumes.

Extended periods of listening to high volume levels can strain the tiny hair cells in your inner ear that transmit sound to your brain, leading to temporary or even permanent hearing loss, a condition known as Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

Can Headphones Change Your Ear Shape?

It is important to highlight that, although there have been instances of discomfort, swelling, or depression from tight-fitting headphones, they do not have the capacity to permanently change ears shape.

Our ears are made of cartilage, a flexible but sturdy material that maintains its shape even under constant pressure.

It’s important to remember, though, that excessive and prolonged use of tight-fitting headphones could potentially lead to problems such as ‘cauliflower ear‘ in extreme cases. This term refers to a condition where the ear develops a lumpy appearance due to repeated trauma and lack of blood flow.

man with cauliflower ear

However, this is a rare occurrence and is most common in contact sports like rugby or boxing rather than headphone usage.

Always ensure that your headphones are correctly adjusted and not exerting too much pressure on your ears.

And take frequent breaks to allow your ears to rest, especially during long listening sessions.

If your headphones are causing you discomfort, it may be a good idea to explore other types, such as over-ear or open-back headphones, which can be less intrusive to your ear’s structure.

Do Head Dents Go Away?

Yes, head dents caused by tight or prolonged use of headphones do go away over time. The skin and hair on our scalp are fairly resilient and have a natural elasticity that allows them to recover from such indentations. However, the time it takes for the dent to disappear can vary depending on the individual’s skin elasticity, the severity of the dent, and how often the headphones are worn.

It’s worth noting that continuous pressure on the same area may delay the recovery process. Therefore, if you’ve noticed a dent on your head due to headband pressure, it might be a good idea to give your headphones a rest for a while, or consider using alternative headphones with a softer or adjustable headband to prevent the dent from reoccurring.

Final Words

We all know that headphones are necessary for music lovers, gamers, and professionals but what we need to take into account are the possible results of using them for too long.

I mean, that dent in your head can be quite painful or worrying if you ask me. However, those dents will disappear with some simple steps mentioned above.

And if they don’t, seeking medical advice may not be a bad idea.

But most importantly, you should remember to treat your ears with kindness.

You should give those headphones a break from time to time and adjust the volume – your hearing is too important to lose.

Keep all this stuff in mind and you’ll never worry about listening again!

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